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Welcome to Daylily Meadows the Garden site of Paul Foster

In fulfilling our promise to bring the beauty of our own original daylily cultivars to the Web, we are proud to display our 2014 Spring/Fall Introductions that are available now. These Daylilies were registered with the American Hemerocallis Society in December of 2012.

Visit our unique and popular Daylily Gallery which contains our introductions, our general catalogue, and various other categories of interest.

Check out our excellent slideshows complete with mellow soundtracks. Follow the simple directions, sit back, relax, and enjoy the Daylilies and the music.

Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to be kept up to date on sales, specials, garden hours, new introductions, etc.

Our Info Center contains contact, ordering, directions, and open garden hours information.

We hope you will enjoy a good long tour around our website and come back to "visit" us often; there is a lot of information and tons of daylily images here for your enjoyment.


Although we are relative newcomers to North Carolina, having moved here in November of 2007, we are not newcomers to the hybridizing of daylilies. Since 1997, we have been hybridizing Daylily cultivars that are winter hardy in our previous location, Merrimack, New Hampshire (USDA Zone 5).

Collecting and hybridizing many of the very "latest and greatest" Daylily cultivars from the most respected daylily breeders in the country, our focus in hybridizing has always been on not just producing "another pretty face," but rather, improving the overall characteristics of the entire plant, carefully and ruthlessly culling out thousands of cultivars that did not live up to our standards for PLANT PERFORMANCE, including, but not limited to, hardiness, vigor, multiple branching, high bud count, bloom above the foliage, concurrent or re-bloom, sun fastness, disease resistance, and overall high quality plant habit. Many a pretty face has been consigned to our compost pile because its plant performance did not live up to our standards!

Today, in our hybridizing program, we have thousands of seedlings developed over several generations from which to select and evaluate potential introductions that will expand upon the quality of our original daylily breeding stock. And, of course, each year we continue to selectively purchase more new introductions to incorporate into our breeding program. The bottom line is to produce new introductions that manifest significant advancements over their predecessors.


Visit us often; watch our daylilies and website bloom !
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