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Thank you for visiting us here at Daylily Meadows. We hope you will enjoy our website and the daylilies displayed here.


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We accept orders year-round, and reserve plants based on when the order was received for shipping on the desired ship date that you indicate on the order form itself. So order as early as possible to avoid the disappointment of something being sold out.

We start shipping orders beginning around mid-April up until late fall. EXCEPTION: We do not ship during the month of August. We ship via USPS Priority mail. Shipping is done only on Mondays and Tuesdays to avoid the possibility of your order being "stuck" over the weekend.

At this time we ship only within the continental U.S.

Simply print out the order form found here: Order Form . If you so choose, you can type in the personal/shipping information at the top of the form while on-line, and then print the form to fill in your actual order. MINIMUM ORDER $75.00

Then make your selections from here: Daylilies Available Now

Or, you can place your order via email, and we will reserve your selections for 10 days only pending the arrival of your check or money order.

Unfortunately we are unable to accept credit card orders at this time, so send a check or money order. Please note that the desired ship date has to be at least 10 days after we receive your check in order to allow time for it to clear. Money orders and cashier's checks do not require this 10 day wait and can be shipped ASAP.

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